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Hey guys,

I am really sorry about the recent posts on here. I have been really depressed lately, and lashing out. It wasn't anybody's fault, and no, I wasn't trolling. I have been snapping at everyone in my life.

I have made a few New Years' Resolutions. Here they are:

  1. Be a kinder and more respectable person. Look at people's point of view, and don't lash out at people who have different opinions. Debate, not argue.
  2. Stop illegally downloading. I have already made the switch to Netflix, Roku, and Spotify, as far as movies, tv shows, and music are concerned.
  3. Be kinder to myself, and stop beating myself up over things that are out of my control. The only person I can control is myself, and the only person I can trust completely is myself.
  4. Go to the gym and exercise and lose weight. I have been making strides in this; I went walking for an hour today in the neighborhood.
  5. Learn a sport. Any sport. I want to get better at Basketball.
  6. Improve my skills at music. I know I am good, but I could be even better. I want to learn how to solo and also play bass guitar.
  7. This should be number one, but I want to be a complete scholar this year. I want to get top grades, and graduate top of my class. This is entirely possible, but I need to work at it, and get help if I need it.
  8. Get my driver's license, and get a car.
  9. Stop relying on porn as a crutch, and start dating.
  10. Defeat SA once and for all.
I have already delayed most of these, since it's the 16th of Jan. But from this point on, I am going to tackle all of these.

Anyway, anybody else made any resolutions? And what do you think of my list?
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