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I blogged my "new tactic" to get better at SA yesterday
So progress today...
At the first of my job interviews I knew i didn't "win" but i'm fine with it bc the place looked dreary, a man outside of the interview room was giving me a really gross hard look so I gave him a sarcastic wave and said BYE as I left to the elevator. :um

2nd interview I started a really nice and friendly conversation with the other girl waiting for an interview, then more chatting with a guard on the elevator.:blah

Outside RadioCity, I told this old man to please cover his mouth - because he was coughing over me...and this has become my BIGGEST peeve about being in city public places. Does the movie Contagion or Outbreak mean anything to people these days? Cover up your snot should be the global slogan.

Lastly, I had to ask a bunch of people for directions to the library - allot of them were rude though but whatever.

Few Disappointments.
In nyc there's a gazillion missed opportunities to strike a convo with someone...most times i rather not because people are twats but.. i felt like a **** here:
This girl started crying when her bf left her on the train and she kept looking over to me, i guess because i was the only other girl near her age? Idk - it was awkward I didn't know how to react, even though i don't know her story i'm sure shes doing better than me though so i'll leave it at that.

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