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i hang out with her and her friends but i don't fit in with them at all and i feel every time i'm around them that they don't want me there and i am way to afraid of saying something stupid to try and talk with them to make it less awkward
I'm kind of in your situation.well i only have three friends i am not even close to and we don't have the same interests so school for me sucks as well.i'll be moving schools soon though.anyway my advice to you is that just talk to the people in your classes,complement their stuff like,"I like your bag where did you get it from" ,"how did you find the homework" and things like might actually make friends.Also if your school has some after school clubs you could join.that way you're more likely to have friends who have something in common with you.That's what i plan to do at my new school.Try it and update me!
Good luck:)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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