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New job

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Hang in there, you will get the hang of it! You CAN learn. I too freeze up when I'm scared, almost like a mental block....I then write things down, or ask for a manual of some type.........Just go slow.......Don't be afraid to ask, really, you're in training.........I don't know a person that is new on the job that doesn't make mistakes.......

Congrats on the job!
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Think of your new job as a slipper. You are in the process of deciding if the slipper fits.
That was very nice of your co-worker, you'll get it! I can empathize, there are times, when I go to ask a quesiton, I"m so nervous, I'll stutter, it's.....Lord take me now;-)

If someone comments on you being quiet....So what;-) I can think of worse things than being quiet.......

What you're doing takes time and practice, before you know it, you'll be thining "I'm bord" what's next.

How did you find this job? Interviews are my nightmare.
Good luck on your job Jess! The worse part of a job is those first couple days, learning stuff and not knowing the people.. I was like that too on my first couple days, but I made myself ask questions so I wouldn't be clueless later. The managers keep assisting that they'd rather us ask the same question 20 times than doing something wrong or not knowing what to do.

Hang in there :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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