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new here and at the end of my rope

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I am a new member and I am very glad to have found this place. A short version of why: I am 47 and have dealt with severe sa and have been diagnosed with Avoidant personality disorder. I have NO friends and can count on one hand the number of friends that I have had over the years. Currently there is no-one that I socialize with. I have been divorced for 3 years from a very socially adept man who I loved who left me for a woman who is more in tune with his personality. I was devastated and it was the final blow to my self esteem. I long for social contact with others and at the same time avoid it like the plague. I am getting so tired of the battle. I work with 3 very social and strong women in a small office and they hang out together after work but I am never invited. Ayway I wont go on and on. I am glad I found this place. I hope to at least aleave a littel of the isolation I feel here. Dreams and shadows
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I can really relate to the friends thing. I haven't had a close friend for almost ten years now. I have my husband but I would like to have at least one female friend. So I reached out to this woman at this support group I attend. Was that ever painful! But she responded and we are now working on becoming friends. I spent some time with her this past week and boy was it stressful for me to know how to act. I was really trying too hard to please. It was really awkward. And after our time together was over I was exhausted. I mean I was reaaaaaaaaaaalllllyyy exhausted. I actually missed work on Monday because it took so much out of me. This is really hard but I am hopeful that the hard work will pay off as I attack this disorder. Welcome.
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