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new here and at the end of my rope

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I am a new member and I am very glad to have found this place. A short version of why: I am 47 and have dealt with severe sa and have been diagnosed with Avoidant personality disorder. I have NO friends and can count on one hand the number of friends that I have had over the years. Currently there is no-one that I socialize with. I have been divorced for 3 years from a very socially adept man who I loved who left me for a woman who is more in tune with his personality. I was devastated and it was the final blow to my self esteem. I long for social contact with others and at the same time avoid it like the plague. I am getting so tired of the battle. I work with 3 very social and strong women in a small office and they hang out together after work but I am never invited. Ayway I wont go on and on. I am glad I found this place. I hope to at least aleave a littel of the isolation I feel here. Dreams and shadows
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Thank you to all here. I literally wept when I found this group and started reading the posts. When I tried to explain to my now ex-husband what I was feeling--he started backing away even more. No one understands this affliction unless they have it. I have had people look at me as if I have two heads when I try to explain what I feel. people who dont have SA are uncomfortable with people who have it. Being here I don't feel so alone. I belong to a divorce support group online but it is very hard to be "loud" enough to get any responses. I wish there were support groups around here but I live in a very rural and sparsley populated area in New England--which adds to my isolation. New Englanders are by nature hard to get to know anyway-- I am not from here origionally. I am glad that there is a sub-group here for us not as young folks-there are some issues I think that can be a bit different for us. does anyone else get extreamly nervous and uncomfortable when they are asked to do anything social with a person? this adds to my problems in that if I DO get asked to do anything I freeze. Any coping stratigies??
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Thanks Cynthia--I wish I had the nerve to be more social--I have never initiated a friendship--any friends that I have had have always come to me I suppose it is never too late to learn. I think you are brave to be able to change. By the way--is anyone here from the New England area?
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