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new here and at the end of my rope

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I am a new member and I am very glad to have found this place. A short version of why: I am 47 and have dealt with severe sa and have been diagnosed with Avoidant personality disorder. I have NO friends and can count on one hand the number of friends that I have had over the years. Currently there is no-one that I socialize with. I have been divorced for 3 years from a very socially adept man who I loved who left me for a woman who is more in tune with his personality. I was devastated and it was the final blow to my self esteem. I long for social contact with others and at the same time avoid it like the plague. I am getting so tired of the battle. I work with 3 very social and strong women in a small office and they hang out together after work but I am never invited. Ayway I wont go on and on. I am glad I found this place. I hope to at least aleave a littel of the isolation I feel here. Dreams and shadows
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Dear Dreamshadows,
I am 63 probably the oldest member on this forum. I know how crippling SA is as there were times when I was not working and my social life was until the past 3 years was virtually shot. I think people who don't have SA don't understand what it's like. I wish your co-workers had more compassion as well as your previous husband.
Hope you will find support here and please learn as much as you can about SA. There's a wealth of information, books, and now there is real help and live support groups for SA people available especially if you live in a big city. I,m sure you will identify with much in this forum.
This is not the first time I have heard of great success with zoloft. Maybe this reply should be on the "medication" forum. I have seen a couple doctors in the last 6 years or so and have been on luvox, wellibrution, and high dosages of effexor plus with no changes in mood. Actually an older medication( non serotonion re-uptake) called trazodone helps me. Make me wonder why they haven't tried me on zoloft. Has any one else had the same experience?. Probably should post this in the medication forum also.
Am glad to hear of these success stories.
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