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I am like a bird stuck in it's nest, because it's to scary to leave,
I feel so safe yet so confined, and I need to feel relieved.

I have spent 20 exhausting years in this place,
very rarely have you seen me with a real happy face
I may smile, and seem okay, but to myself I am a disgrace
Almost everything i've done, I wish I could erase.

I've been searching for so long to find what makes me complete,
but it seems that any way I go I am faced with defeat.
There is always some reason to feel not good enough, even when I seem to reach the top, against myself I feel beat.
I have all of these needs and wants that I do not know how to meet.

I can't be the only one who feels the way I do,
searching all the time, wandering without a clue.
Never finding perfection, after every challenge met there is always a new.
Is happiness something that actually exists, or is balance the key to all that is true?

I do not know the answers to any of these requests,
but if someone finds them, please let me know so I can get out of this mess.
I am sick of feeling not good enough, tired of feeling depressed,
until I find the answers I will crawl back into my safe, little nest.

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Searching for answers like a bird in a nest, a good analogy. I think a lot of us here are sick and tired of being stuck in comfort zones.
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