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So I'm going back to school after a year off. This time I'll be starting in the official Vet Tech program. I know the classes will be super hard. I'm not too worried about the school work though. And i know i always do better then i assume I'll do.

My biggest concern is, when we actually start doing hands on work with the animals. Which shouldn't be until my second year, but thinking about it makes me nervous. Because if it's just the class work, it's mostly just lectures and doing assignments by myself. Maybe an occasional presentation which will suck, but it happens. But once we actually start doing things hands on, i'll have to work with people. I'll have to perform. I'll be watched. It'll be like, a presentation every day! I'll be nervous. What if i screw up. And i know i can't take directions very well (as far as, move your hand towards this way or that way), i tend to panic and do the opposite of what i'm asked. I'm always the one that they have to walk up to and physically move me so i'll understand what they're talking about. What if the teacher gets frustrated with me. Ahhh!!!

Does anyone else here go to school that requires these types of classes? How do you handle it?

I wonder if i'll even make it! :(
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