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I was just wondering if anyone else with SA has a type of neophobia or more specifically food neophobia. Neophobia is the fear of new ideas or experiences and food neophobia is the fear of trying new foods.

I have so much trouble trying new foods, there are only certain foods that i eat, and certain brands of food. For example, i like drinking coke, but i wont drink pepsi or coca cola, i will only drink RC cola, i got used to it when i was a kid and wont consider drinking anything else. If i ever order chicken, it has to be from a specific restaurant.

Same with just general neophobia, im afraid to try new things, for example when driving in my car, i always have to take the same route when im going somewhere, i would be too afraid to take another route cause i wouldnt be familiar with a different street.

Does anyone else suffer from this phobia?
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