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so the story goes like this.

my brother don't talk to us anymore (has problems) , he doesnt talk to me either but we didn't fight orso he just hates US ALL.

but now am on the cliff to go broke and i want to apply for government payment, so now comes the ****ty part.

in the system am registered at his house, so when i apply those government guys need to come over to look , BUT i have no contact with him so my question is WHAT CAN I DO BEST TO MAKE THIS WORK ???

my solution was , writing a letter to him saying that am almost broke and i need to come over for government checkup so i can get the payment.
but my question is how will he react , what if he says no and goes PSYCO on me (he done that to my little brother to).

what do you think, is this the best way to handle it ?
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