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Hi all

So im new here and decided to post a thread about my social anxiety, I have found out that its getting worse and causing alot of problems with my life... I am not sure if its social anxiety or a lack of social skills or both, I work full time in a factory which is a job where you dont really talk to poeple besides co/workers which I find I dont connect with.

I have a best friend who I still talk to from high school and can visit anytime but he seems to be doing very well, he always has some other friends over his house and it seems like recently his started to notice the change in me which I have as well. And its just getting worse and I dont know what to do.

Its now 2am sunday morning and im doing nothing today after I sleep in. I just need to let this out, if anyone out there has some advice they can help me out with I would like to know.

I really want to have my confidence back and feel normal like I used to, I really dont know what has happened but i'm 19 now and I feel like I really dont know who I am as a person and feel like I dont even have emotions anymore.

I really feel like the only way to overcome this is to maybe go out in the public and start talking to random poeple and making friends, which is the worse fear of my life talking to someone I dont know, Could maybe that help if I go out today after I sleep in and talk to poeple and slowly build my confidence ?

Please help
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