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Types of references to include on resume:

Carefully choose job references that compliment your resume. A good reference should be someone who confirms the details of your resume and offers positive feedback regarding your work or educational skills and experience. They should ideally have known you for at least one year—preferably three.

Your list of references should include 3-5 of the following:

- Former and/or current supervisors
- Colleagues and/or subordinates (People that you worked with - co-workers)
- Former customers/clients
- Former professors
- Contacts from volunteer work or student organizations
- Have you babysat or did yard work for the neighbours
- Did you deliver newspapers
- tutor someone or help edit papers
- Were you in the drama club or on a student sports team (basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer)

A personal reference could be anyone you know socially, such as a friend, neighbor, affiliate through membership in a church, club, association, or school contacts. Do not include family members!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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