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I'm new to this site but I came across it this morning. I wanted a few opinions on this topic.

I'm 17, my boyfriend and I have been together 2.5 years and I still feel like his parents don't really like me. When I try to talk to them, they don't respond much but I see them talking to his sisters boyfriend non stop and his brothers girlfriend.

I would say I'm closer to the dad, he texts me every so often to say hi and he will drive me home but other than that nothing. I find he talks to me only about my boyfriend teasing me and whatever. He compliments everyone else (more the brothers girlfriend) and all I get is "you're a nice girl" but he calls her pretty and makes her smile. I have had anxiety and depression which he knows about and it's driving me insane. I don't get compliments at home, but I do from friends families and such..

Why don't they treat me the same? Why don't I get complimented :(
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