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Hi everyone, a little tid bit that I love this forum and wish everyone well.

First off, little history. 4 years ago started taking meds; Wellbutrin, Resperidol, Lammactil, and Lexapro. Within 3 years I made major strides in life. Within the past year, tailed off from taking meds and within past 4/5 months, I haven't taken anything.

Things were getting bad again and I knew I need to schedule appointment with my doctor, which I did the other day.

He prescribed Focalin, which I saw helps with ADHD disorder. I never had any problem like ADD or ADHD or whatever. When my mind is free and clear, I have no ADD or ADHD or whatever. But when my mind is in stagnant depression, it is not like I can't focus on things around me, I just don't care about them to focus.

For example, in class I work on math problems in a group and they talk about some probability problem. However, my mind isn't on math, nor in the classroom. I have sometimes just sat there irrationally thinking that my life is going down the drain because I failed a test miserably, will fail the class, get me closer to failing out of school, which will hurt my family, which will complicate life more, which is unfortunate because I'm good enough to do this but can't and will live a miserable life at a miniscule fraction of what it can be.

So my thinking process is, did he prescribe Focalin to help keep my mind focused? That is the conclusion I got from him, but I guess I never considered the use of a ADHD drug for a depressed people. Focalin is primarily used so people keep there mind from being distracted, but can it work if those distraction are depressed thoughts?

That kinda amazes me and wondered how many people are taking this and if it works. I will be seeing the doctor in one week and he might add another drug. We'll see.

But for those taking Focalin, what are your thoughts on it and why you are taking it? Side effects? Beneficial?

Sorry about the long post, just an interesting approach to with meds I never thought of...

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I tried for many years to manage my depression and anxiety with the help of adderall (another stimulant like focalin). I THOUGHT that I was cured of my depression and this is how normal people feel when I started it but after a lot of suffering I found that it really does not at all get to the root causes and emotions associated with depression and anxiety. The euphoric effects of most stimulants will superficially mask some depression and anxiety for awhile but the depression always comes back when you crash, and even more intensely than when on no meds at all.

I still take 5mg of adderall because it helps my SAD so much but in all honesty I think it may have done as much harm in my life as good due its see-sawing effects on my mood.

I have taken focalin and it helped with focus but it had far and away the worst crash of any stimulant I have ever taken. However I may have just been on a much higher dosage compared to the amount of adderall I take. I don't know what the 'dose equivalents' are between the two meds.

The fact is you wont have the slightest clue how helpful or un-helpful a med will be for you until you try it. Don't believe anyone that tells you any different.
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