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have slowly increased dose since april,am now on 60mg for past 8 weeks.
45mg made me feel a bit chatty and social for a few weeks.
this has since passed,upped to 60mg and to be honest i dont feel that confident in the nardil itself,i mostly take klonos with it-so i know that is probably doing the anti anxiety bit.

nardil alone just makes me very shaky,during day and especially at night in
bed,head tremors etc.
to those on nardil,are you feeling like this drug alone is enough to give you the confidence you always wanted,and it has kicked in big time?
if it had kicked in big time for me im sure i would of noticed this massive change-right?

im wondering if the fact i have been on klonos for 5 years as had a reverse effect on the nardil-both ive read work on the gaba so maybe the nardil wont be as effective?

8 weeks on 60mg is surely plenty of time for this med to kick in big time....
time to end em?

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if nardil was going to work for you it would be working by now
we have to accept that some antidepressants will never work for some people
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