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1.) I am compassionate
2.) Loving
3.) Kind
4.) Can be smart when I apply myself
5.) Hard worker
6.) Funny
7.) Goofy in a good way :lol

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1. I'm very laid back. (i take what is thrown at me, and try overcome it with minimal fuss)

2. I'm funny. (other people may disagree!)

3. I'm calm.

4. I'm caring.

5. I'm willing to listen and try to help with anybodys problems, no matter how many i have.

6. I'm a quick typer. (lol, starting to struggle now)


Thought of another one

7. I've been told i'm a very passionate kisser! ooooo naughty lol :) (pity i dont get to many opportunities to test that one out ;))

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1. I'm approachable and a good listener
2. I'm good at languages
3. I have a strong work ethic
4. I enjoy helping others
5. I have a good sense of humour
6. I still have my own hair and almost all of my teeth, even though I'm 47 (and haven't always had easy access to dental treatment)
7. I'm tolerant and easy-going

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1. Nice
2. Outgoing, Just kidding.
3. Smart
4. Creative
5. Funny/ Witty. If I do say so myself.
6. Honest
7. Good Listener
8. I have good Credit.
9. Frugal, is that good?
10.Good Looking.

Wow it looks like today is bragging day for me. Don't expect this out of me everyday.

:banana :banana :banana
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