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For anyone who has ever felt like an observer to the world, rather than a participant. Or felt distant, removed, isolated, constrained, or unable to experience the things that you desperately want in your life. For those who ever feel as though everything is passing you by, as you watch helplessly. This is for you.

My Window

Inside my window
I watch seasons change
Familiar red and golden hues return
As autumn drifts by
A wintry, gray sky
My frail heart to yearn

Outside my window
I hear children play
Their voices churn memories of youth
Of a time long gone
When nothing seemed wrong
And innocence simplified truth

Inside my window
I observe passersby
As they gather for a chat along the way
With smiles and laughter
And brief waves thereafter
I imagine the engaging things they say

Outside my window
So much hidden from my view
How I ache to know the friendships that I miss
How I'd love to feel the grass
Underneath my feet at last
And embrace the freedom that my dreams persist

Inside my window
I muddle through my day
Contentment doesn't fill my hollow space
I'm a drop in the ocean
My existence, just a notion
To the few who's lives I once so humbly graced

Outside my window
The world carries on
Unaware and unaffected by my strife
All the riches that elude me
All the longing that consumes me
For the treasures of a social, worldly life

My window reveals
As day turns into night
And my hopes sail along the warm breeze

Maybe someday I say
Maybe somehow, some way

I'll greet the world beyond my window…
with Courage,
and ease

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good poem. I especially like the first stanza and "I observe passersby As they gather for a chat along the way" because i'm sure i can relate to that.

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Thanks Jackie & Keikei :squeeze

Keikei, is that Hawaiian for Stacy? I'm just curious because I thought I heard that once and I love the Hawaiian culture.

This poem just flowed really easy for me because I feel like there are endless ways to describe how SA has affected my life. This one just demonstrates the perspective of experiencing life as a viewer, and watching seasons go by as your life stays the same. Even though I do leave my house these days, I still feel like I am not really a part of the rest of the world. I dunno. I'm just getting all deep and stuff this week. Think I'll get a snack now. :popcorn
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