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Hey everyone, today I experienced an episode of SA. I would rate myself in the slight to moderate range in general, except this morning, it felt extreme. We have daily whiteboard meetings and once in awhile I'll give some input or give reminders, no big deal. Our Manager attends a couple of times a week and today we had about 12 people for the meeting. Well this morning, towards the end, she turns to me and asked me to speak about the project I'm working on. I was definitely caught off guard. At first I took it in stride but it progressively got worse. I know that almost everyone in the group can give a long-winded answer and that was my problem, I knew I could only give a few words. In all, my 3 or 4 sentences that I was able to get out lasted about 10 seconds. If I went longer I would have noticeably cracked. Actually, being self-conscious in the moment, I could tell my voice starting to shake and my face getting red. I was pretty embarrassed afterward but just tried to keep my composure. I don't think I've felt the level of anxiety that I had today. I like my job and I'm good at what I do, but this crap is holding me back from being great.

This is my first post but have been lurking for awhile now. Maybe I'll introduce myself properly sometime. I never knew that there was a condition for what I had until recently and that when I found this site. I'm amazed reading some posts around here that people have some of the same feelings. Now that I reflect back I think I have had this my whole life. In my younger years it didn't hold me back that much as I was always carefree and partying with friends that I made fairly easy. But I would say it's gotten worse in the last few years. Does it progressively get worse as you age?

Well, I feel slight better about talking (writing) about it... even though this is just the tip of the iceberg.
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