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Well, I'm new here and figured I should post here to get my situation out there. I'll probably ask more specific questions later on. But anyways.

I think I have severe social anxiety. I just don't like being near or talking to people in real life. On the internet it's different.

I'm always avoiding going to the store with my parents. Last year when I had a girlfriend, we'd go on walks around town, but she broke up with me and I don't wanna go on walks anymore. But I don't think it's so much her, I'm just afraid I'll see someone I know.

I don't like seeing people I know in public. It's just weird and awkward for me. Strangers are a little bit better, but I still have trouble even ordering fast food or going into Subway and ordering a sandwich. I get so nervous, it almost seems ridiculous that I get so worked up over something like that.

The phone is like almost as bad. I can't talk on the phone to strangers, or even my friends. Only family. I get so freaked out. It's insane. A few days ago I met a girl online and gave her my number, and every time she calls, I get freaked out to answer. I know I am disappointing her terribly whenever that happens.

So, if anyone can give me some advice on my curent situation, that would be great.

What, exactly, should I do?

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it sounds like SA to me
read up on panic attacks on google and see if you are having them

you need to accept and float thru the anxiety instead of tensing up and fighting back

disguise yourself with a hat and dark glasses when out, also visit some town where you arent known and need not return to

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I understand what you are saying. Its the same for me. The phone is the worst, I hate talking on it. But the ironic thing, for me, is that I use that as my method to get away. I don't like walking around campus because I think I'll see someone I know. So my solution, when I see someone in the distance, is to open up my phone and pretend I'm talking to someone, even if I'm not talking, just "listening." I know it doesn't get rid of seeing the person, but they can't stop you to talk to you.

Doing that for a while has helped me be able to not be on the phone as much, and just keep walking when someone says hi. Just say you need to get somewhere, or you're on a tight schedule. And over time that will build confidence that you can do it.

I'm not saying that this will solve your situation, it worked for a bit for me. But its worth a try. And it would let you get out and walk.

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