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gonna write my rhymes here...add on if you like :)

my words slice like blades do
my verse hell its flames too
back with dope imagery
flawlessness...thats what dopes giving me
i send fright when the pen write
cycles in time thats a dead life
that we all have
ive battled for years so fall back
i write till lines flow
and im still nice with rhymes yo

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you the worthless type
my verse is bright cuz every word ignites
been sinning since my birth in life
so im on my knees praying in the church at night
the curse i write
will freeze the beat and burn the mic
and i stay fly like a bird in flight
you want a verbal fight?
battle me and end up in a hearse tonight
my venom is pure the energy raw
i enter the core
my weapons the typ used for ending a war
my message the law my verse is the coldest
battle me your ash in a urn when the flow hits
my flow is the one
these lines too cold for your lungs
you smoke? im dope in the blunt, the green shade
a dream phase, im the ocean yall sea waves

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yo the game mine, summon demons when i spray rhymes
travel through portals and break time
i leave corpses on the floor like Michael did
your whole head explode when the rifle hit
thats why life's a b1tch
im the defenition of what cypher is
my flow sick, so slick
my soul lit, define what cold is
smoke piff, bury your corpse under stone bricks
wont quit, break their bones and claim the throne
16's like when grenades explode
yall fake im dope, yall hate im hope
my state unknown
source of the cure like where haze is grown
made from the blood of the sages clone
change the tone, a slave that broke the chains alone
the great divine, scribble lyrics on every page i find
made to shine, spit a verse and cage your mind
yall rhyme like fake kids, i shine like Ma$e did
yall politicians get high and rape pigs
my mind what change is
tryna stay sane, brain's in a strange state
page plain, fill you with nails like that Quake game
Cain slain, this the same pain i maintain
evolve your style you stay the same way
embrace the grey days, im the light when the sun shine
battle me ill end your life with a punchline
im the angel of light, i conquer man
my thoughts are banned
raw bars leave claw marks like monster cans
never needed twitter, rip through your spleen and liver
gonna be awake for a while cuz the speed is bitter
you weak im sicker
you cant relate cuz what i see is bigger
murdered my ex now the sea is with her
the evil spitta, blessed like a Jesus picture
yall lack knowledge of the great lessons
never battle the beast with a fake weapon
ill make your lungs collapse like snake venom
if you never known hell you gonna hate heaven
frail peasants, tryna steal my shine
im the opposite of feeble lines, the deepest mind
speak in rhyme, burning lyrics i wont be needing mine
i feast and dine, on the screaming souls the demons find

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yo the son back
my verse creates darkness...
till yall want the sun back
thats how the verse start
i disperse art
i write fire the verse spark
yall know the boy nice
record a verse that destroy mics
the blunt is heat
makes me leave yall hung from trees
you lack the skill
the rap is ill
on a mountain of gold ima dragon still
wanna battle you get trapped and killed

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i spit the hate grip the blade
words slice like knives and rip your face
they pigs i slaughter swine
my thoughts a rhyme
first aware and causing time
the sand is falling
so walk down which ever path is calling
give what people lust
and heal like Jesus touch
now im gone like past time
im also the dawn the rap shine

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this beat so nice the pen write
the heat and ice i sense fright
im a holy mind
meditate till its focus i
sent by God
theres demons so i kept the Lord
the cross blood stain
ima sith the force must pay
ill smoke a fat kilo
i grip iron man
that bust shots like black widow
the girl fine the girl mine
took her out fancy the first time
now she hacked up...
in the trash can
ima be a sad man
love is a damn scam
you trapped in four lines
my rap is sure fine
my whole verse is pure shine
back to basic
my rap amazing
switch blade stab your face in
i diss the fool
thats why system rule

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Vocaroo | Online voice recorder << beat

this beat old school like past lives
the verse quick to slice like fast knives
born raw
the flow hit your form gone
every page i write...
the song strong
my weaponry alien made
yall rappers a failing disgrace
battle me? you'll be facing grenades
the rhyme structure is so sweet
make sure its a dope beat
i write rhymes your soul freed
my flow bring the cold heat
yo i rap and drip flames
a shotgun blast your rib cage
that's how my style feel
i should be given a fine deal
but they don't know when the rhyme real

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im focused and all that
what yall dropping i called wack
im dope thats a strong fact
im x men the storm black
i write rhymes that cut flesh
my mind shines and done best
think quick or die now
im time found
the third level is fine now
the fourth where i spend time
you cant match my best line
theres a bat man on scarecrows
i give you the uncut...
a rare dose

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my soul sacred you show hatred
ill dump your body in a cold basement
my flow unique nothing old as me
i existed when there was nothing known to see
i give life with one touch
i ditched knives the gun buck
put a hole in your chest i focus on death
everything i write the holiest text
let the corpse rot...
i like the strange odour
its game over
my verse disperse heat like flame throwers
im the hatred made
cut flesh with Jason's blade
the bad dreams wait till late night
your rhymes fake the blade slice
my spirit clear
thats why im the sickest here
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