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some old poems...

Okay...don't say I didn't warn you. Thanks for people's support! (minus the 2nd poster :p)

Umm I wrote this stuff when I was 15/16 years old...and to prove I have balls Mind Games, here they are, I still find re-reading them uncomfortable, and I'm tempted to edit/hack them up...alot.

Life in one's hand is much to hold,
Stories that surface to the young from the old.
A dying wish can never come true,
Your spirit has passed on,
It cannot come through.

So many thoughts kept inside,
Until your fears get pushed into the tide.
Dreams of heaven always come near,
But you cannot let go,
Life has now become too dear.

Broken paths lead you to empty despair,
A haunted beast gives you but a glare.
Into your torn heart,
Your world shreds apart,
That world that never existed,
Though you always had persisted.

A child's hand reaches in and pulls you out,
You no longer need to shout.
Sadness no longer reaps inside,
Can you see the other side?

She strived for nothing and nothing came,
Her mindless thoughts were not to blame.
Nor her insanity that passed on for years,
Driven by, her emotive fears.
She conquered Earth as a celestial queen
Until she seemed to be appearing lean,
Many years later she was no more God's gift to humanity,
Still absorbed in her own selfish vanity
Recuperation was a foolish fantasy,
Brittle bones,
Not inherited from her family's ancestry.
The black spirals around her eyes,
Came soon after,
They were not surprised
The lady in creme nodded her saddened head,
She soon came to be immobile in her bed.
Her life supporting flesh gave way to starvation,
A model was she, it was no revelation.
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