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I started my job at a pizza place last Tuesday and I was supposed to work just Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-9. Instead I filled two other people shifts one on Thursday (4-9) and Saturday (4-10).
Tuesday, my trainer did not know how to teach me at all. I'm working as a cashier and she didn't really help me at all.
Wednesday, another girl trained me and she did an awesome job. I learned more in the 10minutes that I was there compared to the other girl.
So I get a call on thursday at like 3 asking if I could come in at 4 and I was exhausted already but I decided to go and "help out" instead I worked by myself on my 3rd day at my first job ever. I did a good job except for this one lady who was a big jerk and they walked out. Oh well they shouldn't have left me by myself.
Saturday, I was talking/crying/having a panic attack to my friend who used to have SA and she was helping me out and then I get a call to come in to work. The girl probably thought I was nuts because I was freaking out over the phone. Anyways, at work, there were these two spanish kids who were talking crap about me and the other girl. The girl's boyfriend (who speaks spanish) told us they were saying that I had nice boobs and that they wanted to have sex with me and I would be good at having sex and they said that the other girl was ugly and too skinny. I don't know if I would rather of been hit on or called ugly? They should be smacked those boys.
This job has been interesting and it keeps me busy and everyone said that I did a better job than most people. Yay! I can't believe it!
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