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Edit: I think this might be in the wrong category... Sorry! Feel free to move it if its inappropriate.

My mom is piss drunk and she just flipped out on my dad xD. She looked like she wanted to kill him, told him to burn in hell, said f**k you and proceeded to walk off. As she passed the sink she dumped a bunch of flour in it and then went around the corner, knocked down the cereal boxes and slammed the door.

I know I shouldn't have but I just blurt out laughing, I've NEVER seen my mom that mad in my whole life, and the whole flour in the sink thing was so random xDD I am not cleaning that if she tells me to I'll walk out the door : | Besides, what did the bran flakes do to deserve this! D:

Wanna know why she's so mad at him?

She wants a dog.
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