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I'm starting my first ever job next week I'm really excited about it. I actually got a job at the place I wanted to work at rather than just some random place. All the people there are very nice.

Hopefully I'm going to move out of my parents house in a couple of months or less.

My college is a half an hour drive and my job is 40 minutes away so I don't really have much of a choice lol. I hate living with my parents its hell they always take out their problems on me and tell me that I'm a worthless failure and they wish they had an abortion. They have never once been proud of me.

Theres this girl in my college class that I really like. She makes me happy every time I see her. We sit next to each other and talk all the time. The only thing is, she is alot more confident than I am and she doesn't have SA. She was more of a popular girl in high school whereas I was the loser shy guy. We went to different high schools in the same city. I really want to be with her I feel like that would make me the happiest man alive. If I can beat SA and move out then perhaps my dream will become a reality.
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