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and the ceiling will crash on me and the walls will cave
I told my psychiatrist life is a ball and a chain
the chain is too small and the ball is my brain-
if slack isn’t available I’m bawling insane---
I told him I’d kill myself
he said “it’s all in the claim”
I said I was as serious as hell
he said that’s where hell got its name
So he tested me, mentally tried to arrest me-
With questions like did anyone close to me ever try to molest me?!
I guess things aren’t brighter on the other side of town
and the grass is never greener just a lighter shade of brown
I saw a slight smirk when my views were expressed
he said “this just might work if your mind gets stretched
to where its not so tense and breaking in half
every time your faith gets dense and your feelings are smashed’
I said, “Sorry to interrupt you-but the ceiling is crashing
I don’t want to be in here when it falls completely
if you don’t believe me; look the foundations are cracking
the walls are caving just like I thought they would last week”
I felt the breeze shift, the room started spinnin
my chest got tighter than the womb of pregnant women…
I felt my knees lift the force was sliding me back
of course the doc explained it off as an anxiety attack…
but I told him he doesn’t know me ,this has happened before
and every time it does I just collapse on the floor
and hear a voice inside my head that keeps on asking for more…
but the voice inside my head has the tone of a *****
I can’t even talk to my own mother on the phone anymore
I’m trying to find a place where I could hide my dreams
where my mind can’t find them with its negative schemes.
But could I even touch base with such place it seems
that both good and bad are weighed on the same beams
I never understood the term ‘manic depression’.
Manic means you’re wired.
Depression means you’re tired.
Unless the diagnosis is just an expression
To show that some of us can be so wired that we grow tired.
But that’s a guess. I’ll leave it to professionals
but I become aggressive when they try to set my goals.
Neurotic and hypersensitivity
I used to count grass blades on the diamond back in little league.
They asked me if I read books
I told them ‘Some times, but I’d rather read people when the Sun shines.
I love the way a young mind looks when it’s stunned blind’.
They say ‘You’re driving yourself crazy, kid, merge in to reality.’
Thanks for the advice.
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