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Thought I would post this poem, even though it isn't great...

I wrote it a few years ago and still turn to it when I need positive thoughts, if anxiety and depression have really gotten me down...
Change is possible!!!!

My Dream

The path my life has lead,
Is not one I would have chose,
But I have followed it faithfully,
For my body did not oppose,
Now I feel trapped,
Like I have been lead down a hole,
And every effort that I make,
To climb out and see the world,
Results in my falling,
Back down a little farther than before,
But now I am going to get up,
And try to climb out all over again,
This time I might find some help,
From a friend or two,
I know it won't be easy,
I expect it to be tough,
But I want to change,
And make my own path,
One that won't be so rough,
I will climb from the hole,
Using all my strength,
And once I am free,
My dream is to see,
The world and my life,
And find out what it truly means to be happy.
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