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I just wanted to put this here first as after going back and reading I can see how there could be some possible misunderstanding. All of this is just creative expression...not entirely fact! Even in my eyes.:)

I've been posting a lot and I feel like I've kinda hijacked the "What you're thinking about right now creativity edition" thread. I want to leave space for others to express themselves without it being lost in the post history so I'm making this thread to post my drawings, writing, and possible future projects. I may have overcome much of my social anxiety but I still understand what it's like and have grown attached to this here's my little corner of the "world."

Feel free to post feedback. :)

A sudden rise like a sunrise of troubled subtle vibes
Like sly spies behind disguised eyes that try and hide the pain of a thousand lives
A thousand tries with the pain of a thousand knives
Vows and lies as flowers die
Clear insight as I peer inside
Fear's in sight as I hold tight
Afraid of losing what I hold dearest
I keep it nearest till the day my body turns to mere dust
I start to understand how I fear trust as I begin to tear up
I do my best to cheer up but the pain inside my chest won't clear up
Like a shy bird forgetting his wings, I hurt from thoughts of upsetting things
Echoing screams like ghostly beings from harrowing scenes in broken dreams
Still images in time like frozen streams in my mind behind open seams
Nothing's ever quite what it seems
We're the director and our mind is a projector while the world is a screen
We exist here in between the past that's gone and the future that's unforeseen

Like a pit bull that's caged
My fist full of rage
Only one war to be waged
So I let it out on every page
Like an enraged sage
My heart's engraved with an eternal figure eight
Don't mistake my anger for hate
I'm just mad at the state of the world
I'm just mad at my fate with this girl
And I could say that everything's fine
But then I'd be lying out of my mind
I'm slowly running out of time
At least the time that I have on Earth
Blessings upon her and it was an honor
But now I'm remembering my worth
From death to birth as I look at my life in reverse
I'm slashing past lies as I observe...
My life's flashing before my eyes as I write every verse
It feels less like a curse and more a reminder that one day I'll find her...
Could be as we pass on the street or at a diner
I'll know her when I find her cause my heart will be on fire
And in my eyes I'll never have seen anybody finer

Taunt the bull you get the horns
Undauntable as I shift forms
I rip the door off strict norms
F*** the dude who's painted orange
I cuss, they say it's rude but I'm born out of the eye of a storm
They've been warned, my hearts worn
I'm like Bourne, my identity's torn as I'm left with something foreign
Life must be rough cause they're acting tough
I see through their bluff as their chest they puff
I send them love cause I've had enough
Flatlined, they're out of time
My mind's in search of the perfect rhyme
But something tells me that's hard to find
About as hard as it is to define my mind
Karmically cryptic
Charmingly apocalyptic
I'm like a bomb as I tick tick
An optimistic mystic who's realistic
Skillfully spinning artistic linguistics
Idealistic, hardly simplistic
I could make a whole rhyme about fish sticks
Something about Kanye and fish dicks
As they try to get all analytical on my lyrics
I don't give a **** about parasitic critics
I haven't even reached my full limit
Wrote this in less than 30 minutes
But for now, I'll just say this is finished


Forehead Nose Cheek Kiss Jaw


Tears seep down my cheek
As I plea to please take this burden off of me
Feeling lost, tossed aside
Unaligned, in the middle between sides
At least in the end I can say I tried
As inner sights at night cause the fright to terrify
but I know these illusions in my mind are nothing more than a lie
Still waking up in cold sweats, full of regrets
Times slipping like sand slips from our hands
Emotions bursting forth like water from broken dams
Overflowing, drowning in all this commotion
Feels like I'm watching life pass me by in slow motion
Words unspoken leaving me feeling broken
Hurting as if pain itself were an emotion
So alone as the voices scream for me to open
But there's no one around to open up to
Doing whatever I have to do to make it through
While the days are blending together like living life in perpetual Deja Vu
Searching for something new
Even if it's just a new point of view
I'm tired of coping I need someone to know him
This poisons flowing through my blood
Every day feels like I'm trudging through the mud
To depressed to rest
Feels like there are just too many issues to be addressed
Take a moment, catch my breath
I'm open but inside I feel like there's nothing left
Isolation looking back at me saying "no one cares about you"
And I know it's not true
Fighting to breakthrough in the hopes to find hope anew


Lost in the abstract as the world revolves
Looking at the stars wondering if I could make a call
Sometimes this world doesn't feel like home
More like a temporary place we roam
I close my eyes cause I love the unknown
Yet somehow reminds me of a place I'd once known
Beyond all this skin and bone
Used to be the only place I didn't feel alone
My escape used to be my spirituality
Out of body, never grounding me
To escape this reality
But I've found a place I like to be
With faces I'm happy to see
Spent so long feeling locked up inside
Still learning how to open up
to a world I tried to hide from for so long
Singing a sad and lonely song
But those days now feel long gone
I've grown strong and moved on
Changed my view on life's meaning
Sent my biggest demon screaming
Changing the dream I'm dreaming
Giving reason to this breathing
Still healing this beating in my chest
Where all the pain has laid to rest
Where so much has remained unexpressed
But I'm feeling blessed and ready for it to be addressed
To ease the stress that's been keeping my chest feeling compressed
I used to feel pressed for time
Unable to find peace of mind
Most of my downtime was spent worrying
But now in my journeying, I've learned to let go of the hurrying
Like slowing down into the present moment
While still sometimes coping, hoping I can open
Making up for stolen time and words unspoken

Karmically Cryptic
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This is just a rough draft right now, I'm not thrilled with it...I'm gonna post it anyway and come back to it later

Yes like a Jedi...when I...rhyme
Each line plays tricks on your mind
Your ability's forced while I've got force abilities
The horsepower of a Porsche with a mind of tranquility
Your lightning courses towards me but I'm still at ease
I terrorize when you look me in the eyes
You better run and use the facilities

Karmically Cryptic
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Mostly written freestyle with some touchups here and there
I feel like a deadly beast that's been unleashed when I rhyme to this deadly beat

Leave my enemies deceased, 6 feet deep beneath my feet

I try to stay humble but sometimes I preach like a priest from the far east

Writing helps me feel complete as my attachment to her is released

This rhyme isn't getting off track, I've got the right tact to tell my story

A gory war he fought before he found his glory

I've been rattled as life has felt like a battle as I paddle upstream

Lost my self-esteem, lost sight of my dream as the demons scream in my mind

Been feeling behind while confined behind enemy lines

Her ebony eyes spoke no lies as we said our goodbyes

I look to the skies for answers, this world is feeling cancerous

I take my chances as the enemy advances

I guess I just have high standards when it comes to writing

I've only been doing this for a few years and my lyrics strike ears like lightning

Sometimes they can be frighting but they're usually exaggerated and extreme

It wouldn't be as interesting if I always said what I mean

Karmically Cryptic
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From my car seat, I see far streets with hazy waves of heat
So hot it'd burn your feet, but I cannot retreat
As I walk listening to this beat over streets of melted concrete
Thoughts in my head are taunting me
But I won't be obsolete, I won't let it conquer me
My mind is set on a mindset that hasn't been refined yet
As I look at my silhouette I'm reminded that it takes time
To redefine your mind so I write it in a rhyme to remind myself of what's possible
Phenomenal, unstoppable, I never cared much for doing what I'm told
Actions bold and lo and behold I broke the mold to shine like gold...
But I relate and I won't escape the fact that things break
From heartache to heartbreak to every mistake I'm bound to make
But I'll never be a fake and I'll always retake my fate...

Karmically Cryptic
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Just creative expression...not entirely fact!
The world needs more lovin'
But I'm the perfect construction of destruction to all this corruption
F*** son, how the f*** are we supposed to function in a world that's sunken into greater dysfunction
Drunken on power, high atop their tower it's time we overpower these cowards it's their final hour
As they devour the trees, kill all the bees, and invade foreign countries overseas
Spreading disease, we're in a state of dis-ease
Not to mention C-19 making the world look like a crime scene that carries through the breeze
It's like we're in the apocalypse with the majority of the populous in a lower state of consciousness
All it takes is news full of fake politics as they flip the script to spread fear and conflict
To them were all convicts livin' on a planet that's run like a prison
We need a new vision to recreate the system from be continued....

Karmically Cryptic
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Hit a red light tonight
Not even my pride can hide the pain inside
A lost man, not sure where I stand
Understand there are times I feel like I have the world in my hand
Then it comes crashing down
Feeling so lost I can't be found
I dreamed this dream of bleakness
Leaving me sleepless
I know I repeat this
But believe this
She's my weakness
It's been a week plus since we've connected
I've spent so much time reflectin'
It's hard for me to accept it
We never know the future
I just don't want to lose her
This distance is killing my feels
It's becoming too real
I know I needed to move on
But the more it feels like she's gone
The more it brings up the fear
That she's no longer here
But that's just facing reality
At least a fraction of what I can see
We never know what will be
She might just come back to me
I keep creating hope
But then I wonder if hope's just a cruel joke
Clear my throat from emotions I choke on
I know life goes on
I just don't want to have to ever say so long

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I haven't slept much
I miss your hand's touch
This love is not just a crutch
My heart is feeling clutched
I miss your healing love
This is what feeling does
Your love runs through my blood
Into my veins, Into my brain
Into my heart again and again
I try to bend the light and pretend
I can see hope in the end
You've got me trippin' within
Losing my zen
You're my vision
I see the skies in this girl
For you, I'd compromise my whole world
Haven't felt that before
If only you knew it's only you I adore
It's you I'd do anything for

Karmically Cryptic
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I'm feeling torn apart
A sword in my heart
I try to disarm this harm
But life's losing its charm
This pain is old news
I want the old, new
This new reality is screwing with me
I miss the way things used to be
The times spent between you and me
I thought I could move on
But I'm seeing I was wrong
I still hear your laughter like a song
It brings on a strange calm
Like the calm before the drop of a bomb
This isn't settling right
I don't want to give up the fight
I want to text you tonight
To check if we're still alright
I hope you're doing fine
What would you do if you knew you were still on my mind
Like sixty percent of the time
For you, fire I'd walk through
I know I don't need you but I want to
I don't want to be needy but I want you

Karmically Cryptic
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Fate finds these great lines
Awake minds stuck in fake times
Sometimes I question these lives
Blessings or lies
Smiles and cries
Who's real and who's in disguise?
Not ready to die
Not really alive
A heart needing to be revived
A heart beating just to survive
I let out a quick sigh as time ticks by
Transfixed by the beauty in her eyes
Eclipsed by gloomy goodbyes
But I know I'll see her again
I just don't know when
I don't want to pretend I'm alright
She's runnin' circles in my mind all night
Almost every rhyme I write is about her
Lost in her and without her
Inner and outer worlds collide
I feel the divide
But I truly believe our fates are tied

Karmically Cryptic
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Spirits, can you hear this?
Can you clear this pain
From my heart, soul, and brain
I've had enough of the rain
My mind is my domain
And I want to make it mine again
We're so alike they call us twins
And I won't pretend she doesn't have my heart in the end
But maybe now we're better off as friends
I finally feel the oxygen in my lungs again
But how long will this last
Can I outlast the blast of love to my heart
When we're no longer apart
When I see her face to face
I lose all trace of clarity
And it's clear to me where I want to be
Anywhere as long as she's near to me
She dear to me
Love her dearly
A heart that's weary

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I thought this was worthy of posting here. It helps me keep it "archived" for myself so I can see how far I've come when I look back later. I don't know what I'm doing with writing right now other than getting out pent-up emotions between therapy sessions and having some fun but I definitely want to do some point...probably not rap though...anyway, I'm thinking "out loud."

System's brung the fear
Lines spun to a beat inspiring terror
We bring the heat of the sun when we're near
We can't be beaten son, not on this sphere
We run this dimension
We got minds of Zen son
We guide the blind to sight with each rhyme we write
Like day and night
One dark, One light
Balancing the atmosphere when we unite
We run this like a joint, we're lit on point
Disjoint the thoughts in your mind with a blunt line
Crazy rhymes free our minds
Turning words into designs, like mental signs
I question if I'm sane all the time
I don't need to pose, creativity flows through this brain of mine
In the shadows, system is dodging your throws
Your nose be bleeding from his blows
From the light I inspire fright in egos
I've got no foes but if you oppose
You'll be left with your woes
My words cut sharp
Straight to the heart
Then after I'm clear
I disappear
We done here

Karmically Cryptic
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As I let a sigh out
I'm not sure what to rhyme about
I feel all rhymed out
Or maybe it's that I'm tired now
Pain has been invading my brain
Sending signals to my nerves
Like hertz flowing in currents
Life hurts but I'm making a resurgence
I feel like there are a hundred versions of me
From depressed to happy to everything in between
I'm constantly changing with every new thought that I bring
Fresh like spring, I don't care about g-strings and bling
Feeling raw, I write from where feelings are
I have a feeling in my heart
There's healing in this art
And I know that dealing with your feelings is smart
I don't care if people laugh or talk smack
I talk back with calm tact
No contact combat when I attack
But I'm getting off track
I know where my anger's at
Where are the angels at?
Sometimes I get so mad
But I'm glad I have a pen and pad
Or I'd keep all this in feeling pent up and sad

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I'ma try a different style
As I write to a beat from 8 mile
I'm versatile leaving mc's bodies piled
As they line up single file to face their trial
All they do is mumble and babble
I leave em' rattled
I'm the Judge with a gavel
I make the final say in this battle
I can't be handled
Leave em' trampled
Protected like enamel
Something supernatural
The spirits I channel
If I could see the future I'd of already won
But I'm at the start before they fire the gun
Not just ahead of myself I'm ahead of my time
Something from the past and future combined

Karmically Cryptic
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Humanity's sanity's being lost to greed, power, and vanity
Leaving so many suffering in agony
And it's sad to see the world caught up in a fantasy
Dreaming in the Matrix, they play tricks on your mind
Better check your vital signs
And see if your programs of your own design
You don't have to wake up to change your mind
There's no need to go against the machine
Change flows like a stream
Stay on the scene, silence your demons screams
Nothing's what it seems, you can change your dream

Karmically Cryptic
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I could say with every rhyme
I rip out mc's spines with every blessed line
Then slice out their intestine
Leave em' on the ground dyin'
Tryin' to pray
As their mind slips away
Their vision darkens to grey
Cause' I'm their final day
How battling me is like taking God's test
How I'm destined to be the best
How I'm suggestin' it with every threat
How battling me is a lesson in regret
These mc's I wreck
Better show some respect
Or I'll slice their neck
They better be careful in their approach
Don't get too close
Or they might be next
How in my mind it's like the Wild West
In here you better wear a bulletproof vest
I enter the room bullets flying
Send them to their tomb
Now they in another life back in the womb crying
While I could say that
And it's fun to rap like I'm in lyrical combat
Truth is I'm a lover, not a fighter
I meditate to elevate my mental state higher
Sometimes it's just fun to bring the fire

Karmically Cryptic
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I've been writing other rhymes
To distract my mind from thoughts of her so fine
From the inside, she shines like a diamond
I've been finding it so hard to move on
Don't want to see her gone
A worn heart torn apart in the dark
She the spark to ignite the light in the night
I've put up quite the fight and I'm finally feeling alright
Despite still holding on to her tight
Feel like I'm moving through the darkness
With a heart blessed
Beneath a scarred chest a knife left
But that's past pain
She's only responsible for my heart's theft
There's nowhere to cast blame
My heart took aim and played the game
Went down in flames like a crashed plane
It's my fault for jumping into the fast lane
Now I feel like I'm on a vast plane
The distance between us is giving me chest pains
But I made it through the depressed phase
Lately, every step I've taken has felt like a chess play
Now I'm hoping for some of the best days

Karmically Cryptic
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Spent so much time growing up lost in my mind
The cost was leaving me blind
Now I know my mind pretty well
I had to find it in hell
Rose above it with skill
Still, even when I'm at my favorite place in the world
I always find myself feeling out of place, except with this girl
I'm pretty chill, but I don't open up much
I know it's because I've been hurt in trust
Crushed my worth into dust
First learning in life was learning of being burnt by love
It hurt enough to make me distrusting
Over the years my heart has been rusting
From missing one thing
Full of fears I wasn't confronting
But now I'm not running
My time is coming...
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