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My Biblical Approach lose lose situation

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Hi I am a soul rooted Christian. Meaning I cant turn on God if I tried, I believe in him and feel bad if i sin against him. This is all good but here in lies my lose lose situation. The Biblical Approach explains how Social Anxiety is due to not giving yourself completely to God and explains that we are bearing bad fruit. I read and know that it is true for me. I have had a problem with pornography and masterbation for a long time, which is definately bad fruit. The thing is I have anxiety with women i like in real life so it has always provided a way out, although not acceptable in Gods eyes. My problem is if i dont do it i get real depressed and if i do it im bearing bad fruit. Right now im entertaining the idea of not doing it and havent for awhile but I am also depressed right now. I shouldnt feel so bad doing what is right should I??????????
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If I am understanding you correctly, you feel bad about pornography and masturbation?

While I am no minister or counselor, I do realize that pornography can be addicting and damaging. I also personally think that it can be demeaning to women. However, I must admit that from my perspective, masturbation is not always morally wrong. So I may not have the best advice for your situation.

Maybe the best thing for you to do would be to talk this over with a minister or a therapist and see if you can work through your feelings?
Have you ever heard of the Every Man's Battle workshops? It's offered at the church I go to every once and a while. I haven't been to it personally, becuase I'm a girl, but a lot of people seem to find help in it. The workshop talks about all kind of issues dealing with sex, relationships, intimacy, and even shame. If you don't want to go in person or it's not available near you, I think you can also buy the books (fairly inexpensive) and other materials online. The official page is:

You can also find the books through and probably elsewhere if you look around.
Here's some Christian-based porn & sexual addiction recovery links with some articles on masturbation. I haven't looked through all of them but hopefully you can find something to help you, and a few of them have forums.

As you can see, alot of people struggle with this. Try not to beat yourself up over it and know we are all here for you. :hug
Masturbation is very much wrong.

Reason is because it normally goes hand-in-hand with lust and because it is an impure method of obtaining baseless sexual gratification.
Let's keep the focus of this thread on supporting those who struggle with this, not on personal opinions and judgments. Thanks. :)
EL, obviously its wrong if you follow the Christian belief, thats kinda why the post is called LOSE LOSE. Anyway thanks everyone for your posts I will try out the links and see if anything is helpful. Im trying to fill the empty void with Jesus but I need to draw a closer relationship with him to do that. Im trying to start reading the bible everyday and see where that takes me. Any other ideas are greatly appreciated, thanks for everyones support.
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