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i can share my modest experience in self help books, in fact, i made deep researches, and read several books, and i'll share with you the most helpful books.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: the best and most practical self help book on the subject is "CBT for dummies" , it's extremely practical and comprehensive. to a degree that you could apply it on a wide range of disorders and even relationship problems. it's a life changing book, with the most effective techniques in psychology. i even found that book more helpful than " feeling good" of david burns.

Relaxation and stress relief: my best book is "the relaxation and stress reduction workbook", it's very comprehensive, and contains several methods of relaxation and coping skill, assertiveness skills...ect... but i found progressive muscle relaxation as the most effective relaxation method

Time Managment: Two great books i'll have to mention "7 habits,
stephan covey"
, and "getting things done", two great classics that allowed me to gain considerable productivity and efficiency that i've never experienced my entire life.

i hope that i could give some help to people seeking self help books, if any questions, don't hesitate.
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