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Hey ya'll,

After a year of really bad depression (complete with a couple suicide attempts) I am finally feeling good enough to start looking to move out of my parent's house. Yay!

I have been looking into a couple jobs on horse farms (because working with horses is one of the few things I'm good at). Most of these jobs are live-in positions, which is good because they don't really pay enough to afford rent.

I interviewed at a place this weekend and think that I will probably be hired there. I would be sharing an apartment with one of the riding instructors who has been there for over four years. I have no doubts about the job, I know I will be good at it and will enjoy it, but the roommate situation is what has me really nervous.

Normally I would be nervous about sharing an apartment with someone just because of my social anxiety, but I feel like moving into someone's apartment that they have had to themselves for four years is going to make it even more difficult.

Sorry for how long this post got, but I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and could share any tips?

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