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Not one of my better works, but one I felt was appropriate here.

I'm just as normal as you are.
Our days may be varied by far
And we have different scars,
But we both look up at the same stars,
And we hate wars.

I'm not unrealistic.
I'm crazy about you and I know it doesn't mean ****.
Just please, don't think I'm a misfit.

You see, that's been my greatest fear:
That you who I hold so dear
Might not see my image so clear.

I see you. At least I think I do.
I've endeavored so hard to show you.
I want you to know me as I know you.

And that's what hurts the most, no matter how hard I try:
I'm afraid you only see the lie.
The one thing that comforts me and gets me by,
Is that you always treated me equal, never asking why.
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