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I recently got some Aniracetam and Pramiracetam i ordered online

the first day i got it i took .350mg Ani with .300mg choline and really it felt like speed without the edge
i am diagnosed schizophrenic so amphetamines really dont mix well with me

That was Monday, Wednesday i took .250mg Ani with .250mg Choline and for the next week i had really positive nootropic effects including confidence, possible anxiolytic, sociable and goal driven

I didnt take any more for 8 days, Thursday i took .250mg Ani+Cho and when i woke up friday morning i felt terrible, really really cloudy head, during the day i could feel like it was making the schizo symptoms worse, paranoid self conscious, when i tryed to sleep i had this feeling at the base of my neck, like how it felt o withdraw from 40mg Prozac cold turkey :) cept absolutely not uncomfortable, some receptor sh!t i imagine

today i decided to take micro doses

.052mg Pramiracetam
.120mg Aniracetam
.100mg Choline B.T.

this was my first time introducing pramiracetam into the mix, even though this is only micro doses of each substance i think this could be my sweet spot, everyone is different, i read threads of people taking 1-2g and not feeling anything but here i am at the other end of the spectrum and.. feels good man
i feel really nootropic :)

i wonder has anyone else experienced good results with micro doses?
or even the negitive effects i mentioned above
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