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i just been reading an article , in my local newspaper , about a local lad called michael shields and it really got me thinking .

michael has been in prison for the last 4 years for a crime that he did not commit. he went to instanbul in 2005 to watch liverpool beat ac millan in the champions league final and days later , still on holiday , he was in bed by 3am whilst at 5am abulgarian waiter was being attacked.

some sort of fight broke out and the water got punched and waslying unconcious on the floor whilst this guy dropped a paving slab on his head. all of this append whilst michael was asleep.

the next day was was taken to the police station for questioning and later charged with the crime and sentenced to prison. the whole legal affair has been criticised by many experts, witnesses have confirmed that shields was asleep at his hotel at 3am, witnesses have confirmed who actually committed the crime , and wait fo it this is the big one - the guy who committed the crime has actually admitted to the police that he did it.

the man guilty of it admitted it. shields was being held in a bulgarian prison and the the trial was taking place over there so when the guilt man was told that he would have to fly to bulgaria he retracted his confession. and sields has remained in pison for 4 years for a crime he did not commit

(google michael shields and you should get a full story )

anyway i was that from 2005 - 2009 (4 years ) ive done nothing with my life. i havent lived at all. iv hardly left the house. i havent treated life like the gift that it is. ive ben a prisoner in my home. michael shields is locked up , im not , but ive probably only done a fraction more in 4 yeas than he has done .

he is rotting away in prison, but im rotting away to but im free ,im not locked up.

when shields gets out im surehe will have a deep appreciation for ife and that he wont waste a second. i bet you if shields had a tv screen in his prison cell that gave him 24 hours a day braodcast of my life (like a big brother sort of thing) he would be pulling his hair out and yelling at the screen ''WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING , YOU DONT KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE , I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING TO BE IN YOUR SHOES ''

i bet you if you said to shields '' im gnna let you trade your 4 years in prison foryou to live as a social phobic, with no friends and the only thing you have is fear constantly triggered inside your y everyday activites'' tht he would jump at the chance

notonly woul he jump at it but he would appreciate it. he would appreciate the chance to face his fears. i bet you int he 4 years between 05 and 09 if shields was living my life he would have transformed it by now. he would have beaten SA for good cos h would have took action every single day

the next time ou find yourself wasting your life just think of michael shields and you never know it may inspire you to take action and to appreciate your life and the chance you hve to overcome your SA
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