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Hi all,

Have seen various threads here about Memantine combatting stimulant tolerance.

I have ADD-PI and major depression, social anxiety is not a supremely major component of what I have, nevertheless:

Is there any clinical data (abstracts, papers) backing this up? I don't know if my psychopharmacologist will prescribe Dexedrine or Vyvanse in combination with Memantine with only anecdotal evidence I heard on the Internet.

I have been over-using caffeine lately, to get through work, and chores, and it causes me a great deal of anxiety and even physical pain, and is not as effective as amphetamine-based stimulants for my condition. I can't tolerate Ritalin-based stimulants because they make me more nervous and raise my BP to dangerous levels.

I have avoided asking for an Rx for a stim because, although I certainly could get one again, tolerance sets in quickly and within weeks the dose must be raised or it's like I'm taking a water pill. I know, my brain is weird.

Please help. I try to do stuff like clean my apartment and end up not being able to shut off thoughts of frustration and boredom; on Dex I'd have had this done already.

How did you get your doc to spring for it?

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