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Okay, I need some sort of medication switch to cope with my anxiety and increased depression. I have two ideas for potentional medicine regimens. Right now I'm on 54 mg Concerta daily, 20 mg Ritalin prn (both for inattentive ADD) and 1 mg Klonopin prn. I am very opposed to taking more SSRIs.

Idea one: I switch the Concerta to Adderall and see if there's any benefit. I've been on Adderall before, and I remember the side effects more than any fringe benefits. But that was before my anxiety started kicking in so much, so I had little actual anxiety. Also I think this would be the easiest switch, considering that I've been diagnosed with ADD since I was about 16 or so, it shouldn't be too terribly hard to get Adderall.

Idea two: Add Nardil. However, I've read that you can't take it with methylphenidate or amphetamine. That wouldn't be possible for me. The diet I could deal with, but I need my ADD meds.
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