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I find a good way to look at math is to see how it applies to real life situations.

Most math books will give real life examples to put some equations into perspective.

The slope is nothing more than a rate. For example, if you walk 10 miles in 2 hours, the rate will be 10/2 = 5 miles per hour. Hence y2-y1 is the total distance traveled (10) and x2-x1 is the total time traveled. Dividing y2-y1/x2-x1 is the same as saying distance/time. Which is a rate, which is the slope.

Since you travel at a certain rate, multiplying that rate by the time should give you the total distance you travel. For example 5 miles/hr (m) x 2 hr (x) = 10 miles. B in y=mx+b is simply the y intercept (The position you are in when x (time) equals 0)

So if you are traveling 5 miles an hour and start off at a distance of 3 miles, the equation would be y=5x + 3
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