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Married e-pal wants to meet for coffee.....

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I have an epal that I've been writing to for a year. He is married. Our exchanges have been short, once a week, and totally platonic. Usually about generic topics like the weather or something in the news. He hasn't said anything about his marriage or troubles with his wife thank god, but she doesn't know that he has e-pals. He wants to meet up for coffee sometime, he lives in another of the state that I have friends in so sometime it probably would be feasible. I'm not really sure if I should do that though, since he's married. What do you all think? I'm thinking of telling him that its not a good idea since he's married. Also, I think if we meet I may lose him as an e-pal, not because I lied about anything just because I may not meet his expectations or we may just have nothing to say to each other.
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Walk away. If his wife doesn't know about you its as someone said, emotional cheating.
Emotional cheating? Let's say I discussed investments (a favorite topic of mine) with a married woman online. Would that be emotional cheating? Let's say I had identical conversations with a married man online -- would that be emotional cheating? The only difference in this hypothetical case would be that one is named Mary and the other is John.
Only if you're planning to meet them in the flesh and the person you're married to doesn't know. The traveling alone to meet someone your spouse doesn't know about is the emotional cheating, not the talking to somebody online.
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