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Man of the Year Awards

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Saw this on another forum. It's just a joke ladies. :hide

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That aint nothin.. I should be awarded that award.

Picture this... *Seb and Meggie walking along a jetti made of huge rocks with deep cracks in them, enough to engulf one's leg. Seb is walking a little faster than Meggie so Meggie is not in his view. Meggie isn't watching were she is going and falls with one leg inside a huge crack. Seb turns around and say's.... "Meggie.. did you just fall??" Meggie gives Seb a mean glare as Seb just stands their watching her help herself up.

What do you all think?? Im a mean SOB arent I :lol

Hahaha no no well it mainly went down like that but the thing was when i turned around i didnt know what happened and the first thing that came to my mind was to ask is she fell, and she already pretty much got up so it was too late for me to help her. You all beleive me dont you?? Meggie doesnt :lol
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