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ok, here goes (not based on actual events) :lol :

The Good Ship Valdez (whatever the name of the Exxon ship that sank is)

razor blade lipstick
burning blossom oilslick
she sunk my heart like battleship
left me busted, seasick
I'm overboard, I'm well done
she's gone
my battle's just begun
I'm drowning in my alibi's
I'm tuning in to CSI
I just don't want to tell myself
I'm shallow, slipping off the shelf
Don't judge the book by its mistakes
I feel the burn, I know the stakes
Iceberg with a stop sign
The collision echos up my spine
Don't hit me baby one more time
Just phone me in a lifeline

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That's pretty wicked. Would be a cool rap song... I especially like this verse "The collision echos up my spine" ...i can visualize this in my head clearly.
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