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I sent out thirteen job applications the other day, and the next day my Mom (we don't have a good relationship) called and suspended my phone number. However, she left the phone number under her account so I have to wait until the end of the month until I can pick up the payments myself.

I'm really afraid that if I wait that long some of them will try to call me and I'll miss out, so I've been making phone calls to the companies to update them on my number. It's really got my stomach in knots, but I really need a job so I'm calling.

I called 2 so far. One person updated it and the other person told me I'd have to come in and update it in person. I probably won't ever update that one. I would feel silly walking in there just to update the number on a job application. Judging from the tone of voice the people I called so far think it is a little odd... but I could be wrong.

I'll update more on how it goes as I call more. I'm trying to pace it so I don't get too overwhelmed.
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