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Years ago, me and 3 of my friends went to a fast food store. One of my friends was a female and one of the guys was her boyfriend. It was cold so we had to wear sweaters/hoodies. The girl ordered spaghetti, and when the food arrived, she asked if she could borrow my hoodie. Then she put the hoodie on her lap.

I got pissed. I overreacted. I don't remember the exact words I said but I expressed disgust at the fact that she put my hoodie on her lap, so that the spaghetti sauce won't get on her legs. Then my hoodie would be stained. I was thinking how could she do this?

Good thing the girl and her boyfriend stayed calm. She explained that the reason why she wanted the hoodie on her lap was because her legs were cold. She was wearing minishorts.

I was embarassed and didn't know what to say next.

I lost sight of the fact that they were good friends of mine and they would never do something like that to me. I was just being paranoid or had low self esteem.

I learned to stop making assumptions about the intentions of other people. It's best to stay calm and kindly ask them what their reason was. That way I wouldn't misinterpret what they did.
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