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I'm currently majoring in biology--I switched from biochemistry.

The problem with the human related science fields like biology and biochemistry is that a PhD. is almost considered a standard these days. To most places of employment an undergraduate biology or biochemistry doesn't mean a whole lot unless you a) know people or b) have lots of experience--in most cases the starting salary is ~$20-24k a year working as a lab technician whether your a biology or biochem minor. So whether you have a biology or biochemistry degree you end up working twice as hard for the biochem degree and end up making the same as a bio major...didn't seem fair to me either, so I switched. :b

By majoring in biology you can end up learning a little bit of everything from biochemistry to biometrics. When you graduate you might have an idea of what you might like to study in a graduate program or might be influenced to pursue a degree/certification in one of the many allied health fields.

Although if you really enjoy biochemistry and you feel like it's your calling, then by all means don't let the job market guide you. Just thought I would give you a little bit of my insight... :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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