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so once again my love for my white sox was able to overcome my sa.

other factors i used to my advantage:

first, you cant smoke anywhere in the park, i had to "hide" and smoke.

second, it was chilly, so the cold kept me moving.

third, the game itself was great. very close, back n forth,tied til the 8th inning

fourth, ok i took a xanax an hour before i left before the game, but it was only a half.

fifth, the cuties running around the ballpark, very hard to miss and overlook.

(if you cant see, thats me second from the right)

lol, and as "tipsy" as we were, i think i took a good pic, haha everyone else said they were freezing

good times, i might be going this sun too.


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Good on you for going out & having a good time!

There is an Australian band coming here that I would like to see, I think regardless of my SA I will go as who's knows when they'll be back again
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