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I believe that my social anxieties are a result of LLI, because I can't ignore things and sometimes I can get serious anxiety attacks while at a concert, bar, ect. NO, I've never been diagnosed but I have been looking for certain characteristics of my symptoms, all of them lead me to LLI. I have tendencies to over analyze things and put piece together. I can always tell if someone is lying and what their about to do; it seems like clock-work to me. Sometimes, I feel the need to find quite place, example: on thursday I had to leave my chemistry class multiple time to calm my nerves whil persons in the class room would talk or be moving excessive amount of paper; just making noise in general.
There's too much for me to really express I guess. But I'm feeling an overload at times where I find myself unable to tune out small things, like the ticking of a clock, flashing of a florescent light, chewing on gum. Then, not only that, I have a tendency to really loose myself in school work, so long as it's fascinating and complex. I find that if a subject matter is too dull, I'll not bother doing it; and the inverse goes for what I find integrating. In my free time, I study correlatiuons between two or multiple topics, subject matters, stuff. Example: I believe that varnashrama (the modern-day religion/mythology) and quantum physics show a correlation in many sources; I put pieces of things together for some reason. I do this with many, many things and I'm not about to list the entirety of my delusions/conspiracy therories/ or psco-babble.

I'm just trying to find a way to shut out the extraneous stimuli, either meditation or group therapy.
I don't have money for counseling or anything and I don't want to use medications; I feel extremely on the topic of medication and other such topics.
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