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something I wrote on Feb. 14th..


As the wilted flower
Sits in her roots, under the scorching
Heat screaming and praying for a drop of water to moisten
The downcast face…

So goes my soul, a thirst for a drop of
Love that will ignite sparks of lost passion,
And quenched this thirst for the feeling all humans need to survive…

As she sits there, unable to move,
Rooted to the ground,
She looks around,
And sees her neighboring flowers,
Receiving the drops of rain that she so
Much yearns for,
And wonders,
Why the life source, doesn’t come her way…

So each day,
As the head is bowed lower to the ground,
With no relief to be found,
A thorn on her side,
That seems to twist , and turn,
Is this just the way?
It’s to be…

With her head bowed down,
A prayer goes out,
For just one drop, though she knows its undeserved,

In a moment of total surrender,
A drop of water hits her face,
Then another, sinking into her rooted soul,
A thirst that’s been without for
So long, comes to life…

The unfamiliar feelings are awakened
A desire for life is reborn,
With her head now upright,
Praising the Son that brought the living rain,
Giving thanks for a gift that
Is free..


254 Posts
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Thank you little birdie!
I am never sure of anything I write...

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