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(possibly a bit off-topic, but I hope for advice!)

This guy... I believe he's clearly into me from the past two months, but over the past week, his interest seems to have died down. I might have acted too "friendly" with him and he believes I'm not interested... I always act friendly with every guy, unless proven otherwise, so I now regret acting overly friend-zoney towards him... because I do like him... but I'm also very shy and cautious myself...

Well, today he seemed to show that he's still pretty awkward around me and fumbles around, but enjoys/wants to talk with me... so I hope he's still into me and it didn't completely fade? :s

I'd like to let him know that I'm into him. I'm concluding here and there that he's never going to make the first move, because he's either too shy or fearful of rejection because I'm almost 100% sure he now believes that I only see him as a friend. How do I let him know first that I DO like him, before I go and ask him out directly? I'm romantically very shy myself, so this doesn't help the situation... :s I'm not a flirt at all. I'd prefer to try different ways of letting him know clearly that I like him, before I go and decide to make the first bold move... what should I do/say?

I'd say we're decent friends, though not close. Is it a bad idea to start a conversation with him about whether he thinks he's shy or not...? I mean, it sounds iffy to me already, but I'm also naturally curious about these kinds of topics anyway... Would asking a question like that just scare him off?

I basically need any advice. I don't want to miss out on him, just because we're both too shy. Sorry for being a bit off-topic here... All comments welcome!

We are in college-
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