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Well, today was another ball breaking and soul crushing notch in my "loss" column.

I've been on cloud 9 since yesterday because I got an email from an HMO I've been applying to for work (I have 100% experience in the exact position that they are trying to fill). The email said that I've been selected for the next step of the hiring process which is an online evaluation.

Finally, I get the evaluation today at 6 am. When I open it, it isn't an evaluation more than it's one of those lame questionnaires that ask you a bunch of cookie cutter questions like "I am late to work often.." And the answer choices are "always, almost always, rarely, almost never, never". You know, one of those lame *** "algorithm questionnaires". As if anyone ever answers that they are late often.

So I answer the typical "blah blah" answers that they want. In the section that asks what times I'm available to work and how much overtime I'm willing to do, of course I answer that I will work anything that they want.

Then by noon I get an email "praising" my qualifications, but they are looking for someone with different experience. It is literally the same job I used to do for another company. This tells me that what they are looking for is someone with NO experience instead.

I'd really hate to think that I missed out on a job opportunity I'm very qualified for because of some lazy *** algorithm questionnaire that's probably not even inspected by a human being, but is run through some grading program.

When you can't even speak to a human for work, you know that this world is barreling towards hell at mach 3 speed.

On a positive note, I went to the gym out of sheer frustration. I managed to walk 3.5 miles in 60 minutes. So that was pretty cool, I guess.
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