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That was a great post Audrey.

If that was just last-minute, it's obvious that you're intelligent. Very very well written. I'm jealous. :clap

I don't think I would be so artistic in my explanation. When I feel I have to do something I just talk to myself for a few minutes, tell myself to man up and quit being a ***** about it. JUST. DO. IT.

My letter would be:

Dear anxiety,

You suck. You have me under your thumb, eh? I'm just dancing on your strings, am I? Well, **** you buddy! You got nothing on me! I control you! I exist, it's my mind you're playing in. Without me you're nothing, not even a thought. That's all you are anyhow. Just thoughts. If I didn't live you wouldn't live, but you think you're in control? Don't make me laugh. You didn't even create yourself. You're a compilation; a disease of my consciousness. The outside world has created you in me, but I have fed you. I groomed you, nursed you on my fragility, and unknowingly created a monster.

Well, now I see you for what you really are, you snake. You viper. You've taken all the worst moments of my past, the things I fed you as examples, and turned them into your poison. When I try to walk, I feel the thoughts of evolution about my head. I see my hands swaying limply at my sides and think of Darwin. I see myself as a beast dressed in man's clothing, and I sigh. I see a pretty girl look at me, and the best I can do is stare blankly back. She might not know I'm not seeing through her by will, it's just reaction. I can't let her near me.

Oh what wondrous things you've done for me, anxiety. Now I live with you... you alone.

I DON'T HAVE TO! You were created by me, and I can destroy you. It might not be easy, but I'm gonna get me back. I'm not you. You're mine, you spoiled child. And now that you've become a detriment to my happiness, you are unnecessary. Have fun while you can. I'm gonna go outside. I'm gonna show you that I'm just as good as anyone else. I'm gonna let the sunlight curl you up and dry you out. You're a vampire and I'm going to open windows on you, ****er. It's almost morning you detestable sonofa*****. Just watch, dammit. Watch me. Stare out my eyes as I lock with others. See their approving, genial glances and feel your limbs come off. Your hands aren't at my throat, you're just a figment. You. are. nothing.

Anthony (aka- your end, *****!)

Well, that went on a little longer than expected, but it was fun. :D
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