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You don't want to see me
I am nothing but everything you want me to be
I am not your assumption
Who I am is hard to describe
What I am cannot be denied
I am an enigma to most
I am an enigma because I search for an enigma
And I don't know what to seek
Everything passes through my intent gaze
But my prospects are looking bleak
I'm proofreading an unwritten story
In the blink of an eye
I've run out of ideas and my ink is running dry
Thus, I turn the pages of my life
Hoping to find something fun and meaningful
To break this strife
What people see is a representation
Of this enigmatic life

I wrote this a few years ago while disheartened and frustrated because it was my 3rd year in college and I was thinking of switching majors AGAIN. I also felt down because I had isolated myself at this time due to SA and that is also reflected in the poem.
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